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Matthew Clarke, Osteopath

A.Dip.H.Sc, B.App.Sc
M.Osteo, M.A.O.A

Matthew is a Australian university qualified Osteopath. He has a Masters degree in Osteopathy, and is registered with the Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health. Matthew worked for 10 years in Sydney, Australia before relocating to register as an Osteopath in Dubai.

A keen sportsman with an interest in many types of sports (and their various impacts) including surfing, soccer, tennis, squash, triathlons and cycling (both mountain and road), Matthew was previously the Quantum Riders Cycling Team official Osteopath.

Matthew has always had an interest in the human body; with a special interest in pelvis and lower back pain, as well as neck pain and injuries.

Matthew is also happy to offer advice over the phone.


matthew clarke osteopath dubai

What People Say

  • Over the past 5 years, I have experienced injuries and chronic pain and I have had cortisone shots and medication. I was looking for a more natural form of relief.

    One year ago, I was referred to see Matthew, Matthew has helped me to be pain free. I am now medication free. Matthew is one of the best therapist out there and I suggest you see him if you need help.

    Steve S. / Team Member
  • Really happy to find out I actually DON’T have scoliosis. Thank you, Mr. Matthew Clarke for the great news! Looking forward to seeing you again!

    Rita S. /
  • I had been suffering with knee pain for 6 months before I visited the osteopath. It had started for no apparent reason and wasn’t getting any better. I’m very keen on sport, especially running, but the condition was so debilitating that even walking up stairs was now painful, which I found very frustrating.

    The treatment and advice that I received from the Matthew really helped and I was back to running normally within a few weeks.

    I feel that Matthew really got to the cause of the problem

    Lucy M. /
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