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Category: Osteopathy

Interval Training Vs Moderate Intensity Exercise

The results show that the type of cardio performed for fat loss (intervals vs. steady-state) probably doesn’t matter as much as the number of calories burned in the exercise session. Moreover, the overall amount of fat loss is small. Rather, a focus should be placed on how the exercise session impacts other areas of life, such as appetite, food intake, and leisure-time physical activity. A focus should also be placed on whether you can see yourself sticking with your chosen exercise modality for the long-term.

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Why Osteopathy Is Becoming More Popular These Days

More and more people today are already aware of the effects of opting for artificial medicines available over the counter. Even if positive results take a much longer time to manifest using natural methods, these people believe that facilitating healing instead of using a quick solution is much better for the body. In treating physical pains with over-the-counter medication, relief may come more quickly as pain medication blocks pain signals, but does not really treat the cause of pain. Over time, the body grows immune

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