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Category: Musculoskeletal Pain

Interval Training Vs Moderate Intensity Exercise

The results show that the type of cardio performed for fat loss (intervals vs. steady-state) probably doesn’t matter as much as the number of calories burned in the exercise session. Moreover, the overall amount of fat loss is small. Rather, a focus should be placed on how the exercise session impacts other areas of life, such as appetite, food intake, and leisure-time physical activity. A focus should also be placed on whether you can see yourself sticking with your chosen exercise modality for the long-term.

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Does Posture Matter?

Posture is almost certainly associated with some pain presentation or issues, but a lot more weakly than previously thought. A lot of people seem to be vulnerable to poor posture and postural strains, but in these people, it may not be a postural issue but a pain issue. The only benefit to changing a posture, is it may have a positive effect on mood, emotion and decrease pain sensitivity. Trying to alter your posture is probably not worthwhile for most people, however if you want

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Sitting is the new Smoking

Recently in the Sydney Morning Herald, an article from an American Dr was published on the dangers of sitting: Don’t fall off your perch, but sitting is the new smoking and your chair is out to kill you. No, really. This is the sorry state of affairs thanks to our increasingly seated existence, said doctors in an LA Times feature published earlier this week. As evidence, the doctors pointed out various studies, including this Australian one from last year which found that every hour of

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